About Us

OOSD is an international company committed to developing leadership skills through Corporate Training, E-learning, and distance learning solutions. As a leading provider of world class events and conferences, public workshops, and distance learning programs, OOSD’s vision is to create successful leaders by keeping managers, executives, and employees at all levels exposed to proven business solutions and successful leadership practices. By focusing on the latest developments in leadership, management, human resources, and technology, OOSD events allow participants to learn from the world’s most renowned business leaders, best practice organizations, and each other to create a shared learning environment where the end result is practical tools that can be applied to the workplace.

OOSD has been in business since 2001 and was established to further training initiatives within the scope of leadership and technology.  By providing affordable, timely, responsive, and professional service, OOSD delivers solutions that add value to its clients while maximizing their return on investment..

Mission Statement

OOSD’s mission is to unleash human and leadership potential to drive business performance through the delivery of cutting-edge training and e-learning solutions that maximize return on investment and transfer knowledge to all levels of the workforce.

Value Statement

OOSD values customer service, employee well being, and operational excellence. We approach all individuals with sincerity, friendliness, and trust. We approach all tasks with initiative, creativity, and flexibility. We approach all responsibility with integrity, accountability, and perseverance. We seek to build a culture based on mutual success and respect with our clients, partners, and employees.


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